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Mansfield Monsters

Arcade Addicts Lot Of 8 Stickers

Arcade Addicts Lot Of 8 Stickers

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  • Apogee Obsession (Crazy Climber) 4.25"H x 2.75"W (Die Cut)
  • Cube Craving (Q-Bert) 4"H x 2.25"W (Die Cut)
  • Get This Monkey Off My Back (Donkey Kong) 3.5"H x 3.5"W (Die Cut)
  • Jungle Junkie (Donkey Kong Jr.) 4"H x 3"W (Die Cut)
  • Mushroom Maniac (Centipede) 4"H x 3"W (Die Cut)
  • On The Defensive (Defender) 2.75"H x 4.25"W (Die Cut)
  • Under The Influence (Pole Position) 3"H x 4"W (Die Cut)
  • Unperplexing Disposition (Tetris) 4"H x 3.25"W (Die Cut)
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